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CAW Student ambassadors/volunteers (546 views)

Nationwide Ireland
7th September 2017

CAW Student ambassadors/volunteers

Student volunteers return to their secondary schools to discuss their pathways to college during College Awareness Week (20-26 November 2017)

 The main focus of the campaign is to celebrate the benefits of a post-secondary plan – further education, going to college or doing an apprenticeship, to support students to become ‘college ready’ and to showcase local role models. We want to spread the message that a post-secondary plan is important and achievable for all.

Student volunteers are going back to their old schools, they’ll be tapping into their own communities and sharing their experiences with the people they know. 

Student volunteers (ambassadors) return to their secondary school to discuss their path to college, in particular the college they are attending. The students are promoting third level education (their college/university in particular) and will be urging the Leaving Cert classes to consider applying for college/apprenticeship/further education. Students will also be looking to promote their college/university as a safe space and one which is full of opportunities, regardless of social status, class, race, or economic difference. During these kinds of visits, student volunteers usually tell their own story of how they got into college, especially if they had a less direct route to college.

It’s all about promoting college and further education, about aiming big, and not settling for what’s the easiest, but encouraging the Leaving Cert classes to believe in themselves and push themselves to achieve their very best, regardless of what college they go to.

Please ask student volunteers to see and familiarise themselves with the resources on the CAW website. Please ask volunteers to share their experiences on social media using the CAW details and their college social media details.


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