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Stockholm, Sweden
5th February 2020

WHEN: The activity is planned to be implemented in April 2020

Venue: Stockholm, Sweden

Kind of Activity: Training Course (KA1 within Erasmus+ Programme)

Project Objectives:
SMWCORG, Sweden is a quite new NGO in Erasmus+ Projects and as such we would like to develop a project in which we will explore with our partners:
– What are Erasmus+ projects, how to implement them, how to submit and apply for projects, prepare a project.
– Youth empowerment through quality projects;
– Develop partnerships;
– Develop better opportunities for youth;
– Work on inclusion, especially of those with fewer opportunities;
– Explore youth work and youth participation;
– Work on the needs of the partner organisations;
– Empower NGOs through Europe to better support youth through European opportunities;
– Work on difficulties o NGOs face around Europe in matter of youth participation;
– Share best practices from partners;
– Gather partners with different experiences and share our knowledge and experience towards projects quality improvement and youth participation and inclusion;
– Explore the concept of Nonformal Education and soft skills for young people and youth workers

For more information contact info@loveandcareforpeople.eu

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