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Eyre Square, Galway, Ireland
5th February 2020

Job brief

We are looking for a talented and ambitious Marketing Intern to undertake marketing projects in 2020. This internship is an excellent opportunity for someone wishing to start a career in Marketing, especially in the technology sector, and the successful candidate will be afforded a diverse set of activities, experiences and upon successful completion, references. We would like the goals of the student to be in line with our job description to ensure we can provide the most attractive opportunity to our intern and we would like to work with someone who is gaining the most from their learning experience. 

Ideal candidate

The ideal candidate will be comfortable with technology and business concepts, be passionate about the “art” of marketing, be excellent at writing and will have an abundance of ideas for creating content. The company is still an early stage start-up so an entrepreneurial mindset is a must. The intern should be a self-starter. 

The candidate also has: 

  • Excellent communication and people skills
  • Strong organisational and time-management abilities
  • Creativity and commercial awareness
  • Qualifications in marketing, business administration. Technology focus in project work or similar is desirable.
  • Previous work experience with a technology or consulting firm would be advantageous

Business acumen/Commercial awareness

At ChatSpace our business partners are large consulting firms and prestigious IT Service providers so the Marketing intern will be confident with business interactions and manage communications in the appropriate professional tone. An awareness and fluency about the overall business context will be required. We are looking for someone who is naturally curious about business, start-ups and technology and who will find the work interesting and rewarding.

Copy and writing abilities

Excellent writing skills are a must. The intern must be able to articulate clearly in the tone of voice of the brand on social media and in content pieces which are of genuine value to our audience. The tone of voice will be that of a technology brand such as HubSpot or Salesforce.

Social media experience

While we are not explicitly looking for a large following on social media we would like you to demonstrate how you can effectively use social media channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram and what tactics you use to foster engagement. 

Nice to have but not required.

Media creative 

The intern will either work with someone from the creative team or have a passion (and experience) for digital media themselves ie: the creation of photography, graphic design and media footage assets. We are not expecting media creation as part of the role but would be delighted with a combined skill-set where that exists. ChatSpace will be happy to create a mutually beneficial way for a successful candidate to develop their full suite content portfolio and will be flexible in providing support.  

Human Resources specialisation or experience

The intern will be working on messaging for a HR product so knowledge and fluency in this domain will be advantageous.

Artificial Intelligence specialisation or experience

The intern will be working on messaging for an Artificial Intelligence product so knowledge and fluency in this domain will be advantageous.


  • Conceiving and developing creative pieces of marketing content
  • Writing copy for the website and blogs
  • Creating compelling and relevant social media content and posts within the personality or our brand and using the Hootsuite platform
  • Learning how to use our CRM and marketing automation tool (HubSpot) and executing email campaigns
  • Conducting market research and analysis to evaluate trends, brand awareness and competitive activities
  • Attending industry events and composing content based on subject matter
  • Assisting in the attending and setup at industry events
  • Prospecting for new leads
  • Create surveys to assess customer requirements 
  • Monitoring progress of campaigns using various metrics and submit reports of performance
  • Creating media assets (if applicable)
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