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Student Help: Development Office (51 views)

5 Brighton Villas, UCC
18th July 2017

The Development Office in UCC work with alumni, companies and individuals globally in order to fulfil the philanthropic needs of the University.

We are seeking a diligent student with a keen eye for detail to provide data entry support to the team as a student helper.

This will be a project based role focusing on:

Updating contact information

Adding media information

Recording contact reports

Filling any other data entry gaps that arise.

Successful applicants will be required to sign a confidentially agreement and will be provided with necessary training.

The role starts at 20 hours per week outside of term time and consideration will be taken of the students’ academic schedule when working hours are being set.

The Development team come from a variety of professional backgrounds and are looking forward to assisting a UCC student in preparing for their post college careers.

Pay is at current UCC Student Help Rates: €9.74 per hour

Please contact: maria.butler@ucc.ie for further information