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Terms and Conditions of use of MyStudentJob.ucc.ie Job Portal


  1. These terms


1.1. These are the terms and conditions that apply to the use of the Mystudentjob.ucc.ie website. The terms and conditions may be updated by us from time to time without notice to you. You should review these terms and conditions periodically for changes. Particular services may also be governed by additional or alternative terms of service, which will be posted on the relevant service.


By using the Mystudentjob.ucc.ie website you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions


  1. The Mystudentjob.ucc.ie: Jobseekers


2.1. Mystudentjob.ucc.ie is a website, provides jobseekers with access to jobs, both paid and unpaid internships and volunteering roles that are provided to the site through various means and aggregated on the site for jobseekers to view.

While Mystudentjob.ucc.ie makes every effort to only list jobs which employers may want those in the industry-specific community to know about, we are not responsible for the accuracy of jobs and/or the contact information for those jobs and any consequences to our users that may follow from them applying to given jobs listed on Mystudentjob.ucc.ie website. The inclusion of links on this site does not constitute an endorsement of the employer / recruitment agency.


2.2. Mystudentjob.ucc.ie allows you to specify your own search criteria or select popular keywords/locations, to view only those summaries which match them, and then to click through directly to the relevant information to view full details of the job opportunity and the advertiser’s details; if the job opportunity is of interest, you then deal directly with the Advertiser.

2.3 Employers posting a role on the Mystudentjob.ucc.ie are requested to fill in all areas of the form, and will remain pending until deemed appropriate to reject or confirm appropriate the role by the administration team in UCC.


  1. Use of Mystudentjob.ucc.ie:


3.1. is open to persons who are genuinely looking for job opportunities, either paid or unpaid work experience, either for themselves or on behalf of other person


3.2. is free of charge to Jobseekers; and free to advertisers


  1. Your responsibility:


4.1. You acknowledge that Mystudentjob.ucc.ie does not scrutinize or otherwise take up references in respect of Advertisers, and you acknowledge that we have no control over the quality, accuracy, safety or legality of any adverts on Mystudentjob.ucc.ie, or over the actions of any Advertisers.


4.2. It is for you to convince yourself that you have received and verified sufficient information from an Advertiser, that you have any required qualifications and satisfies any relevant legal requirements, and that it would not be detrimental to your interests for you to take up any job opportunity that may be offered.


4.3. Where a job opportunity is located in a country in which you do not already have the legal right to work, it is your responsibility to satisfy yourself about any relevant immigration requirements, and about any other conditions that must be satisfied before you can enter the engagement in question.


  1. Disclaimer of Liability:


5.1. The Mystudentjob.ucc.ie accept no responsibility for the content of advertising material, including, without limitation, any error, omission or inaccuracy therein.

Overseas Opportunities – UCC Disclaimer: ‘For overseas opportunities, we are not responsible for checking that the vacancy complies with employment law in another jurisdiction and we rely on employers to ensure that opportunities meet relevant legal requirements and good practice.’


We do not warrant that:


(1) details of vacancies will be current, complete or accurate

(2) applications for vacancies will be successful

(3) the provision of the services will be uninterrupted or error-free


5.2. Mystudentjob.ucc.ie is a software-based service; and you acknowledge that it is not technically practicable to guarantee such a service to be error-free. If any errors are found to exist they shall not constitute a breach of these terms, and shall not give rise to any liability on the part of the Mystudentjob.ucc.ie Jobs.


  1. Miscellaneous:


6.1. Mystudentjob.ucc.ie reserves the right in its unconditional discretion to reject or remove any Advert, to edit or classify any Advert as it looks and fit, and to remove the use of Mystudentjob.ucc.ie from any person without notice and without being required to provide reasons.


6.2. If any provision in these Terms shall be determined to be invalid, such provision shall be deemed omitted; the remainder of these Terms shall stand.


6.3. We may change these Terms at any time without prior notice; any such revised Terms will be displayed on Mystudentjob.ucc.ie and may be viewed at any time.


6.4. These terms and conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with law and all disputes shall be decided by the court.


6.5. Our Data Protection Notice lays out in more detail our policies on the use of data provided by or collected by us, as given by the Office of Corporate and Legal Affairs, University College Cork.


6.6. Mystudentjob.ucc.ie is owned and managed by UCC Career Services, University College Cork, Ireland, and UCC Students’ Union, University College Cork.

6.7  GDPR – What are we doing to make your data safer?

The Career Services, University College Cork treats the protection of the data of those who interact with us a key priority. In doing so, we adhere to the highest standards of practice in this area. For further information, please see our Data Protection Notice.



  1. The Mystudentjob.ucc.ie: Advertisers:


7.1 Mystudentjob.ucc.ie is one of the central points of contact for employers seeking to recruit UCC students and graduates for part-time jobs, internships, work experience, unpaid volunteering internships and UCC Works Award Programme roles.


Our vacancy procedures and processes are informed by policies and position statements developed by our professional associations:

  • Association of Higher Education Careers Services (Ireland)
  • Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (UK and Ireland)
  • This policy also draws on general policies and legislation on good practice in promoting
  • Equal Opportunities and Minimum Wage obligations.


7.2 Unpaid short periods of work experience (generally not more than eight weeks). This refers to situations whereby students may experience the workplace but are under no obligation to attend for specified hours or carry out specified duties and work.


Unpaid opportunities for volunteering which are not covered under the minimum wage legislation and with bona fide charities and voluntary organisations, who comply with relevant codes of practice: – Depending on the nature of the opportunity, such as unpaid internships, these will be promoted on Mystudentjob.ucc.ie in the Volunteering section, and/or the Career Services website or via Social Media (Facebook and/or Twitter)


7.3 Actual, current vacancies from Recruitment Agencies with accurate, honest content.

We only advertise vacancies notified by recruitment agencies when the employer’s name is released to UCC and specific details of the position(s) being recruited for are provided. If the agency wishes, the employer’s name does not have to be passed on to the student but will be used internally for quality assurance reasons only.

We do not advertise the following vacancies:

  • Commission only vacancies
  • Vacancies that are not in compliance equal opportunities legislation
  • Vacancies notified by Recruitment Agencies where client details are not supplied and/or where the agency has not been explicitly commissioned by the employer to act on their behalf.
  • Vacancies notified by Recruitment Agencies where specific, accurate and complete details of the position being recruited for are not provided.
  • Vacancies/opportunities where students are charged for services or required to make an initial financial investment.
  • Vacancies/opportunities that are not legal, not in keeping with the policies, goals, aims and objectives of UCC.
  • Vacancies/opportunities that present a direct risk to health and wellbeing of students and graduates.



We expect all employers to supply a closing date if at all possible. Where no closing date is supplied, we may remove vacancy details after a period of 12 weeks. Deactivated vacancies may be reactivated by employers after contacting UCC Career Services.

Any organisation that wishes to advertise a vacancy must provide the following information when completing the online vacancy submission form:

  • Company/organisation name
  • Company/organisation web address
  • Company/organisation postal address
  • Name, company/organisation landline number and e-mail address for the recruitment contact
  • Complete and accurate details of the position/opportunity (in English)


In some cases, we may require provision of company registration number and/or additional information in order to quality assure the vacancy. If we believe any of the information we have been given to be inaccurate or incomplete we reserve the right not to publish/advertise the vacancy.

The contract of employment is between the student and the employer. The UCC Career

Services Centre has no role to play between the parties involved and has no responsibility beyond the accuracy and quality of information displayed which it accepts from advertising organisations in good faith.